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October 20, 2015

A big thank you to everyone who came out to the Pott's Farm on Sunday to help build the herb spiral! The herb spiral has become a popular Permaculture feature as it ticks so many of the PM (permaculture boxes:


-Catch and Store Energy – Water drains from the top of the spiral to the small pond at the bottom.

-Obtain a Yield – Sixteen different herbs have been included in this design.

-Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services – Orienting the garden with the pond to the North (in the Northern Hemisphere) will keep the water cool and slow down evaporation.

*Orient the pond to the South in the Southern Hemisphere (which we did because we are in Australia)

-Produce No Waste – Sheet mulching rebuilds the so il through biological decay.

 -Design from Patterns to Details – The spiral resembles a mountain or hill.

-Integrate Rather than Segregate – Moist soil on the bottom level with well-draining soil at the top level allows for Mint and Rosemary to be grown in the same system.

-Use Small and Slow Solutions – The base of the spiral requires 78.50 feet squared.

-Use and Value Diversity – Flowering plants are integrated with herbs because they attract beneficial insects.

-Use Edges and Value the Marginal – The spiral shape creates many edges while the height of the plants and frame create micro-climates.


And a BIG thank you to all the delicious dishes that made it to the pot luck! Kambucha, quiche, pumpkin carrot soup...and more. 





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