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Where your journey begins

We created Art of Living Retreats for you to awaken to your highest potential and to find happiness and

balance through 7 days of  detox, raw fruits, yoga, meditation and adventure! True happiness is within everyone's reach, but sometimes the rigors of daily life make us forget what it's like to feel Alive. Join us on a journey to reconnect with your bliss and create positive lasting changes.

What would your life look like if you were pursuing what 

truly made you come alive?


Art of Living retreats is a journey for you to clarify your most fulfilling dreams so that you can live this life to your fullest potential, on purpose, and in alignment with your inner most being. Our retreats combine multiple paths of awakening so that you can rediscover who you are and what you want in life.


Sometimes it just takes that one step to change your life.



For Who

Art of Living retreats are designed for visionaries and entrepreneurs who have a quest to live into their highest potential. Maybe you have achieved everything you've always wanted, but you still feel there is something missing. You know there is more to life and that unrestful feeling can no longer be ignored.




This is your Call to Action




It's time to explore what lies within and become the master of your outer world AND inner world



Feb 17-23, 2018


Find Balance


Explore the limits of who you are


Reclaim your health


Step outside your comfort zone





We believe improved well-being begins with the food we eat. You will be introduced to a raw fruit based diet to allow your mind and body to detox and to increase and refocus your energy. This is the beginning of your journey of self healing. Begin to listen to your body and understand what your body needs and wants. What you eat has a direct effect upon your health. 


"There is no magic or mystery to health or disease."  Dr. Robert Morse


Learn about superfoods, ways to cleanse and detox, and how to nourish yourself for peak performance. Enjoy workshops and cooking classes from our health and nutrition specialists.


Every day will begin with a yoga practice, some breathing exercises and a guided meditation. In our busy lives it's easy to get overwhelmed with the infinite amounts of information we're flooded with, with the endless "to do" lists, and the constant running around either for work, to live up to social expectations or tending to family needs. Not only do our bodies need to be taken care of, but more than ever we need to learn how to rest our minds. We will be learning various meditation techniques to help quiet the chatter in the mind and finally find that sense of peace, presence and focus that our culture has compromised. The daily practice is not only something you'll be doing for the duration of the three days, but a practice that has been designed so that you can incorporate it into your lifestyle when you get back home.


A form of meditation called Inner Dance will be introduced.

Inner Dance is a shamanic form of meditation intended to allow participants to Trust, Surrender and Flow (or just let go). Depending on participants ability to let go, they enter a deep meditative trance enabling a profound sense of expanded awareness.


Nov 24 - Nov 30, 2017


Mexico is a land filled with so much beautiful culture. We will experience ancient rituals including a Temazcal ceremony. Do you like chocolate? Mexico is one of the main sources of where this deliciousness comes from. The cacao fruit is considered sacred in Mexico and in many parts of Central and South America. We will learn more about the powers of Cacao and take part in an authentic cacao ceremony (and yes, eating some is a part of it!). If you've ever been to Mexico, specifically a Mexican village in Chiapas Mexico, you will know what I mean when I say the handicrafts there are some of the finest in the world. We will be guided by local artist to create specialty Mexican handicrafts. 


In our modern world we are restricted from nature and are confined in man-made environments. By stepping into nature we amplify our senses, we experience freedom and joy, becoming present and engaged in the moment. We will be exploring the surrounding lush jungle, bathing in the pristine ocean, feeling the warmth of the sand in our toes, holding sacred ceremony under the stars  and watching the sun rise. Spending time in nature is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with your Nature and find clarity.

What's included


7 days / 6 nights accommodation

Transport to & from Puerto Vallarta Airport

3  raw meals per day & snacks

Daily yoga & meditation

Inner Dance

Sound Healing Meditation


Daily guided journaling exercises

Raw Food workshop

Nutrition workshop

Authentic Temazcal Ceremony

Beach Walks

Jungle excursion

And a couple of other surprises...



Dorm $1343 USD
Quad $1479 USD
Triple $1557 USD
Double $1707 USD
Single $2257 USD


Feb 17-23, 2018

The retreat center is located on the Central Pacific Coast of mainland Mexico in the coastal region of the state of Nayarit (known as Riviera Nayarit) near the town of Sayulita. Sayulita is located 45 minutes north of the city of Puerto Vallarta. 


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Each cabana is secluded and private and has its own private bathroom with a shower, a flush toilet, hot and cold water and monogrammed towels. There are hand woven sheets on the bed and gauze curtains and drapes for added privacy. Each cabana is designed to be open air with no windows or screens in order to allow in the gentle breezes from the Pacific Ocean. Some cabanas have private hammocks for lazy afternoon siestas. All have stunning ocean and/or jungle views. There are five different room options: single, double, triple, quad, or dorm stye rstyle 


The Team

Mango Joe Main Facilitator, Conscious Food Chef, Detox Specialist

I am a conscious foods chef and adventure enthusiast. My focus is on body detoxification and cellular regeneration through food, herbs and movement. I believe that in order to connect to one's authentic self the body has to eliminate all the toxicity that has accumulated throughout the years.  We have been raised in a society that teaches us to rely on third parties to take care of our health, creating a co-dependency on doctors and institutions. By becoming more self-aware of what our body truly needs to thrive we can regain control of our health. Adopting a raw diet can accelerate and even reverse symptoms that have been limiting our health. I am a student of the eminent Doctor Robert Morse, one of the top healers of our time, and I'm currently enrolled in his International School of Detoxification. My passion is to empower everyone I meet to reclaim their health and feel the vibrant energy within them.​

Bianca Kempe Main Facilitator, Yoga Teacher

Four years ago life took me on an unforgetable journey to my Heart. After a life time of barely scratching the surface of the rich depths of Life, I awoke and a beautiful relationship with myself unfolded. A great teacher once told me: "Life is an 18 inch journey, from the head to the heart" - this is the journey I am on and I have never felt more Alive. Feeling unfulfilled working in the finance industry lead to three powerful months in Bali, igniting my transformation. I was determined to better understand Humanity- What is our Purpose? How is Humanity going to evolve? I ended 2014 in the Sacred Valley of Peru working with shamans and native plant medicines which connected me even deeper with my core essence. I moved back to Bali to teach yoga and to continue breathing in the rich Hindu culture. Jose and  I have spent the last year traveling through Asia and Australia serving communities with workshops and retreats focused on healing through food, detoxification, yoga and meditation. I spent the end of 2015 in India completing my TTC at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai. I am committed to living an authentic Life. To BE a true expression of my heart. To approach and experience everything I do with totality, giving 100% of my Self to the moment. I currently run a Vancouver based social enterprise called Doze City, an organization that brings together the community in various community service events

Gato The Chef

Sergio has always been a lover of good food and powder. He grew up in Madrid, Spain and at a young age decided to follow his passion for food. He completed his diploma at Escuela de la Casa de Campo in Madrid and a second diploma at Le Corden Bleu, Madrid. He worked in multiple restaurants in Europe, refining his craft and bringing his own creative flare to the mix. In 2012 he moved to Canada to pursue his love for the snow.

Sergio now resides in Whistler and has been able to pair his two passions, working as a private chef and being the first in line on a powder day. We're so grateful to have him join the team! He brings his many years of culinary experience to make our retreats even more epic. Every meal is sure to bring a big smile to your face, from both the artistic presentation to the divine flavours! He has worked with his best friend, Mango Joe, for several years and together they create amazing raw vegan dishes for Art of Living retreats!


I was blessed to have the opportunity to experience Bianca and Jose’s retreat in Bali in August 2015. Although I was not experienced with meditation, spirituality or raw food, I came with an open mind and left the island as a wiser and healthier version of myself. Bianca and Jose are incredibly thoughtful, caring, generous and warm-hearted people who just want to help you heal and grow. The experience helped me to reconnect with myself and helped me to remember what is actually important in life. I came out of the retreat feeling positive and determined to take my life back into my own hands, suddenly discovering the strength to deal with some big and scary decisions full heartedly and with confidence. Art of Living Retreats is a thoughtful programme that incorporates exercise, food and creativity to gently break down walls, open the mind and rediscover the heart in a beautiful, safe and relaxing setting.

-Claudia K.

The Art of Living was transformational. Jose and Bianca do an amazing job of integrating education and experience to leave you with not only the knowledge to take home with you, but also its application and integration into your daily life. They are both incredibly loving and supportive and are always checking in, recognizing the need for flexibility with such an individualized growth process. The Art of Living is a great option for anyone who feels like it's time for a change and is ready to explore within but might not be sure exactly where to start.

-Erin Kurbis

I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in Bianca’s mindfulness and meditation course.  Working with her has been a rewarding and transformative experience that has not just helped reduce stress from my day to day life but has also provided me with tools and techniques and lessons that will empower and inspire me for years to come.  -

-Colin Heilbut

Bianca's mindfulness practice ushers in waves of serenity and clarity to those who practice with her. When she leads you a meditation session, the world becomes still enough to concentrate on your body and mind, and build the awareness to reach your full potential.

-Daniel C

I think about you every day, with such fond memories and want you to know how much you enriched my life, how you had the ability to be so non judgemental, to listen and to share your knowledge and wisdom. I am truly grateful to have had you in my life for a short time and know that we will have an opportunity again, sometime.

-Tania Potts (Founder Boomerang Bags)

Jose and Bianca are a dynamic couple that naturally invite the people around them to feel into what it means to live in trust. Their conscious lifestyle resonates in the inner dance community... I have had the pleasure of witnessing the impact they have made as facilitators and community leaders in a way that speaks of a deeper understanding of how to bridge and connect. They live what holds them in love, looking at the mandala system principles and their knowledge of what they’ve awakened to throughout their years of searching. It is an art form, and their art is inspiring.

-Nicole Marie Ramirez

I met Bianca at the end of a one year trip around South East Asia. While I thought at the time that I had already learned so much from this experience, Bianca surely taught me the last lesson I needed to, from what I believed, complete this personal journey. She helped me understand something that for a bunch of different reasons I had missed out; my journey was actually far away from being completed, it had just begun! During her classes as well as our conversations, she created a safe inspiring space and energy that changed my days and perspective. Bianca has such a calm, understanding and compassionate presence and this comes through in her teaching. She is one of these inspiring and generous people who make you understand the challenge of self-fulfillment, the importance of being master of your own choices and life, but also the importance of sharing with others. After we met, all my concerns about “going home” had vanished; this travelling experience was not a once in a lifetime thing before getting back to my routine, it had rather helped me find the right direction to pursue my personal journey. I truly believe that people are meant to cross our path for a reason, and Bianca was there to help me develop my own self in a more colorful way which is probably the greatest gift people can give to one another.



Feb 18-23, 2018



What airport do I fly into?

Most people fly into Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport (Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, airport code: PVR).You will need a CURRENT PASSPORT for your trip to Mexico. A Driver License is no longer a valid identification document for travel to Mexico. No vaccinations are required to enter the country.During the flight to Puerto Vallarta, you will be given a document to fill out which you will then need to present to the immigration official upon your entry into Mexico. This document is your Travel Visa. BE SURE YOU KEEP THIS PIECE OF PAPER FOR YOUR DEPARTURE! You will be asked for it upon check-in for your return flight home. If you do not have this piece of paper, there will be a fine and the hassle of redoing all of this paperwork on the spot!Also during the flight, you will be given a second document to fill out. This document is your Customs Declaration Form. You will need to present this to the customs official after collecting any checked luggage. Once you have presented your document, all of your carry on and checked luggage will be x-rayed. You will then be asked to press a button for a customs inspection. This is a random selection system. A Green Light means you are free to pass through the customs area without an inspection, a Red Light means you will need to head to the customs inspection counter where all of your luggage will be searched.




When should I plan to arrive in Puerto Vallarta?

We invite all our guest to arrive on the 17th.  We will be holding a welcome dinner for all our participants that same night so please plan ahead to avoid missing this event.



Is this retreat good for solo travelers?

Yes, most of our guests are solo travelers though we welcome couples, groups, and families.


Do I need travel insurance?

We require all our guest to purchase a travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, evacuations and trip cancellation, make sure that it covers Mexico. A copy of this will be asked prior to your arrival.


I have never done a detox, is it still okay for me?

No prior detox experience is needed, we will send you some dietary requirements that we encourage the participants to follow before the retreat start to make detox transition smoother when arriving.



What if I have never meditated before?

We will guide you step by step in each meditation so you can learn how to meditate by yourself by the end of the retreat. I am familiar with yoga but never practiced before,



Will the level of yoga be adequate for me?

The yoga classes will be taught to meet all levels. From beginners to advanced yoga practitioner will be able to challenge themselves in each class.


Will there be free time?

We flow with the energy of the group and allocate free time according to the needs of each individual and the group.




We ask for a 40% non-refundable deposit when booking the retreat and the payment of the remaining amount 30 days before the retreat start. There is no refund of the full amount once it’s been payed or the retreat starts.




Feb 17-23, 2018

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